Brady Murray
April 22, 2024

Embracing the Unexpected: Kaley Stymeist’s Journey of Love, Resilience, and Advocacy

In this episode of Conquering Your Clownfish, Brady interviews Kaley Stymeist, a registered behavior technician and passionate autism advocate. As a mother to three boys, including her youngest son, Hudson, who has non-speaking autism, Kaley shares her family's incredible journey of challenges, triumphs, and personal growth. She opens up about Hudson's miraculous birth story, his regression at age three, and how their family has rallied together to support and empower him. Kaley offers valuable advice for parents embarking on the autism journey, emphasizing the importance of finding community, allowing yourself to feel all the emotions, and embracing the different but still wonderful life path. This powerful conversation will inspire you to conquer your own clownfish and create a more accepting world where every child is empowered to sing the song they were meant to sing.

Find Kaley on Social Media: @kaley_and_3


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