Brady Murray
May 24, 2024

Radical Inclusion: Stephanie Hanrahan’s Journey as an Autism Mom

In this week’s episode, we have the opportunity to interview special guest Stephanie Hanrahan, a writer, TEDx speaker, activist, and autism mom who courageously made her private journal chronicling her journey as an autism mom public. Stephanie shares her transformative story of embracing vulnerability, overcoming perfectionism, and finding radical acceptance of those blessed with special abilities. Discover the life-changing power of telling the stories no one can see and learn how Stephanie's viral social media success is empowering a community. Be inspired by Stephanie's passionate advocacy for ditching mere "awareness" and "acceptance" in favor of true inclusion for the disabled. Gain invaluable insights and advice for families on the autism journey, from navigating a new diagnosis to unleashing a child's potential as a self-advocate. Don't miss this unforgettable conversation that will open your eyes, touch your heart, and leave you seeing the beauty and worth in every individual.



Learn more about Stephanie Hanrahan:



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