Brady Murray
May 20, 2024

Kimberly Dowdell on the Good News of Down Syndrome

In this week’s episode, Kimberly Dowdell, a dedicated mother of four and popular social media influencer. Kimberly openly shares the joyous moments and inspiring journey of raising her son Jack, who has Down syndrome. Through her Instagram page, Kimberly spreads "good news" and gives hope to families navigating the ups and downs of having a child with special abilities. In this episode, she discusses the incredible bond between Jack and his siblings, his infectious catchphrase "good news," and the importance of inclusion. Kimberly's vulnerability and positive outlook will leave you feeling inspired and reminded of the limitless potential within every individual. Join us as we celebrate the unique superpowers of individuals with Down syndrome and learn how embracing their differences can lead to a more beautiful and better world. 

To learn more about Kim and her story, you can find her on Instagram at @thekimberlydowdell


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